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The Surrender of Meereen

This is my depiction of Daenerys Targaryen accepting the surrender of the slave families of Meereen after she conquers the city from Game of Thrones.

Below you can see a bit of the process that went into completing the painting. You can see from the process shots that I started with the background and then began what I call a "first pass" on each figure. I started on the top row in the back and slowly worked my way down the steps. After getting several of the figures done I decided to go back and over each figure working on the lighting and color, pushing the temperature and values as my "second pass" I also went ahead and painted the floor and steps.

By this stage all of the lighting and major color decisions were made and all I had to do was paint the remaining figures and make sure they matched the lighting that I had already established.

The final step is going around the image and cleaning up/adding that final level of polish all around the image